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TCAT_Bomber's Links: A Testimony to the Gospel of God:

This document is composed of The Declaration of the Apostles and The Restoration of the Gospel of Christ: A Testimony to The Gospel Of God. The Declaration of the Apostles according to WILLIAM sets forth in order the dramatic events of who did what-where-when, providing a perfect synoptic understanding of the four gospel accounts, without private interpretation or commentary. The Gospel of Christ according to WILLIAM having the source-authority of the gospel accounts of Matt-Mark-Luke-John, is inerrant in word and deed, form and content; and being a perfect conflation of the four gospel accounts, is a lawful document subject to any natural consideration of time-distance-movement; and having all scripture knitted together in perfect agreement, is a complete and a full-bodied portrait of Christ, superbly dramatic and symphonically rich.

Fellowship of Fishers:

A word of salutation concerning the fellowship of the saints.

TCAT_The Gospel Of God: 

I did a ‘save as’ of The Gospel Of Christ according to WILLIAM. Called the ‘saved as’ file “The Gospel Of God according to william” (being Wm. G. Pinard). Then I added old testament scripture with my own comments throughout my gospel. I could do this because it was my gospel, with my name, according to me: an expanding, living testimony of all that God has wrought and taught in me. You could have your own gospel if you wanted. Just ask God. “The Gospel Of God according to [your name].” All my added text is bold, allowing the reader to identify my imported text. If I added an entire paragraph of text, the paragraph number was put in bold; and the text remained plain; the reader knowing that the entire paragraph was either bible scripture or my own words. 




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TCAT_Dear Hap: 

A letter written to an old friend; and as yet unsent.

TCAT_Finding Serendipity: 

“They stood in the early rain of their generation as we stand in the latter rain of our generation…as if we were bookends to each other with the annals of the times of the Gentiles spanned between us. In their calling they were faithful to the end. In our calling we now begin.”

TCAT_Letter To Jennifer: 

A very technical paper. Take your time.

TCAT_Letter To Lisa: 

A discussion concerning the 3 Fold Gospel which we have received by grace through faith and that not of ourselves...

TCAT_Missive To Moriah:

I responded to Moriah’s question, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?” Then they banned me.

TCAT_The Hope Of Glory: 

By far the most popular of all my writings. Caleb wrote it. Caleb will write anything; say anything. ‘Caleb’ means ‘dog’ in Hebrew. What do you expect from a dog?



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TCAT_Calendar Of Gospel Events 6 BC-4 BC: 

A calendar of events using both Gregorian and Hebrew Dates…Don’t ask me how I did it. I forgot.

TCAT_Christianity In History: 

Somewhat “rightly dividing” the convoluted double-talk exercised by bible-scholars who don’t have answers.

TCAT_Baptism Of Jesus: …paragraph #107: 

This is the most demanding conflation in the restored gospel. Be patient.

TCAT_The Q Source: 

A run and gun polemic concerning my assertion that I have found Q. Q is thought of as “The Lost Gospel Of The Bible” being the missing link that would solve the synoptic problem. They didn’t want to solve. They wanted to argue. That’s the internet.

TCAT_Wm's Hypothesis: 

Sets forth the solution to the synoptic problem while at the same time debunking the NIV translation of Luke Prologue 1:1-4. There are only two translations of the bible. The King James Version 1611. And all the others.

TCAT_Three Days and Three Nights:

The mystery of the gospel that heretofore has been hidden in God from the foundation of the world, but now delivered unto his saints... This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it...

 TCAT_The Synoptic Problem: 

Without a lawful definition of the problem there can never be a lawful solution. Bible scholars have here-to-fore advanced various ‘solutions’ that hypothecated a “lost gospel” that if found would solve the synoptic problem. So while they wait for someone to find the celebrated lost gospel of the bible, they hypothetically set forth various hypothetical lost gospels that could hypothetically solve the synoptic problem. And they publish books. My God how they publish books. And make their books required reading. And then go to the bank.

TCAT_The Synprob Letter: 

This letter answers the apparent disagreement found between the eyewitness testimonies of Matthew,Mark,Luke, and John traditionally called the synoptic problem.

TCAT_Concerning the Restoration of the Gospel Of Christ: 

This document sets forth the discovery of the "Former Treatise" referenced in Acts 1:1 and "The Declaration" of the apostles referenced in Luke 1:1-4.

TCAT_Know Ye Not This Parable: 

Establishing a new paradigm of thought.


TCAT_Strength of Sin: 

A Companion document to the Letter To Jennifer.

TCAT_Defense of the Gospel: 

A formal letter requesting that Oxford University Press consider my work for publication. We had a failure to communicate.


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TCAT_According To My Gospel: 

…Meaning that all scripture as well as a believer’s life experiences are ordered and understood “…according to the gospel”. This concept is difficult to grasp because the christian religion does not have the declaration referenced to in Luke 1:1 nor the gospel/treatise/logos referenced to in Act 1:1. Furthermore, when scholars arranged the accounts of M-M-L-J side-by-side to set forth in order a “harmony” of the gospels, a synoptic problem emerged: which if left unsolved denies prima facie the inerrancy and historicity of the four gospel accounts.

TCAT_Foretelling the Past: 

The Restoration of the Gospel of Christ is as simple as the gospel and as complex as the gospel. A prophetic look at the past to posture you to the work at hand.


TCAT_Simeon's Promise: 

Major statement. Very condensed. Challenging.

TCAT_Time No More: 

A prophesy concerning "Time".

TCAT_I'll Fly Away: 

This document concerns the death of the saints... "Precious in the sight of the Lord."

TCAT_Concerning WILLIAM & The Church at Troutdale:

A testimony of the grace of God and the fruit of the Spirit.

TCAT_From Faith to Faith:

Separated unto the Gospel of God: The Fellowship of the Mystery. 

TCAT_The Lord's Passover:

A Dramatic Reenactment of His Passion. This is formatted for group participation allowing several readers. 

TCAT_We Pass:

Finding Grace in the Sight of The Lord.

TCAT_Never say Never:

The Keys of the kingdom...


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